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First and foremost our Dallas chiropractic and medical staff have a genuine concern for your overall health and well-being!

If you are new to our website, please visit our new patient center, learn about our clinic founder and director, Dallas chiropractor Dr. Yaron Lohr, or take a few minutes to call us at (972)792-0204 and get on the path to better health and wellness!

Health is a Journey … Not a Destination!

Our Dallas chiropractic and wellness clinic is dedicated to giving you the best care possible; getting you on the road to excellent health and feeling great in an efficient and thorough manner is our top focus!

It’s your life … It’s your time to live it in Health!

North Dallas Clinic


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Multi-Disciplinary Chiropractic Treatment

Medical Chiropractic Clinic is a holistic, multi-disciplinary practice serving Dallas that is comprised of a group of doctors working together on your behalf! We diagnose and treat your condition. Our team consists of many different health specialists such as: Medical Doctors, Pain Management Specialists, Internists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Nutritionists, Massage therapists and Personal Trainers. All of them work together to provide you with the most comprehensive and conservative care possible.

We understand your concern and fear of not knowing what to do when you are in pain and surgery is not always the answer! We practice conservatively and view surgery only as a last resort.

We have provided chiropractic treatment for thousands of Dallas area patients and pain-sufferers with conditions like Back Pain, Shoulder pain, Headaches, Migraines, Sciatica, Numbness, Sharp Shooting Pain, Tendinitis, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Postural Problems, Sports Injuries, Herniated Discs, as well as provided nutrition and weight loss solutions. We have outstanding success with all of these conditions and many others. Patients seeking treatment at our Dallas chiropractic clinic and wellness center are assured of receiving only the finest quality care.

Your Dallas Chiropractic & Medical Care Center

Car Accident Clinic in Dallas Our chiropractic clinic serves patients throughout North Dallas and DFW, and is located at 5550 LBJ Freeway #150, North Dallas, TX 75240.

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Brought to You by Dr Lohr, DC, CPT, CSN, PT

Car Accident Chiropractor in Dallas Our website is brought to you by Dr Lohr, clinic founder and Dallas chiropractor of Posture Perfect Wellness Center.

Dr Lohr’s team of chiropractors and pain doctors provide holistic treatment options to help you live a better, more manageable life!

Posture Perfect Wellness Center

Hi, I’m Dr Yaron Lohr and first off, I’d like to welcome you to my website and secondly, I’d like to welcome you to our DFW Medical Pain Clinic and Wellness practice. So, come on in and let me show you the Posture Perfect advantage … what makes us the place you should be at!

One thing that’s different about Posture Perfect Wellness Center is that here, we take a team-approach to your health care. You’re not seen by one doctor who’s going to diagnose you and put you in a very small mindset … you’re seen by a group of doctors. So, together we’re going to work with you to eliminate your pain and put you into overall wellness!

One of the first things you’ll experience here at Posture Perfect Wellness Center is our relaxation room. We have massage chairs for you to sit on and enjoy before you see our doctors … it’s great at relaxing and de-stressing.

We also have here, a massage therapy room which comes with our own massage therapist. He will work on you and alleviate all those tight trigger points and aches and pains you have in your body.

Probably one of the big differences about our practice compared to any other practice in North Dallas, is the C-Arm machine. When you come in, we have a digital x-ray to help diagnose your condition. It is important that when we’re looking at you and doing a work-up on you, that we know what’s going on. The C-Arm is an x-ray machine that instantaneously puts a digital image on the computer monitor over here. We are able to look at it and diagnose what’s going on with you.

When physiotherapy is part of your recommended treatment plan, we do it here! We don’t send you off. We have a state of the art facility that offers 500 square feet of rehabilitation at your finger tips! A physiotherapist will be here to supervise you and guide you through your care! That was just a quick tour of our clinic, but you really can’t feel the advantage until you get here. So, call us today at (972)792-0204 and make an appointment … make the change to get you on the path to wellness!

Video: Chiropractic, Medical and Wellness Center in Dallas, Texas. Dr Lohr on YouTube.

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Clinic specialties include chiropractic, medical pain treatment, nutrition counseling, personal training, physical therapy (physiotherapy) and wellness programs – in one convenient location! New patients are welcome, so call (972)792-0204 to schedule an appointment at our clinic and get on the path to better health and wellness!