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Photos Kinesio Taping at the Olympics

Since donating Kinesio® Tex tape to over a quarter of the national teams participating in the 2008 Games in Beijing, Kinesio® has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity as some of the world’s foremost athletes embraced the revolutionary muscle therapy in front of an audience of billions. Accompanied by the catchphrase “tattoo or tape,” Kinesio® Taping has subsequently been featured on local and national TV stations such as NBC and MSNBC, as well as an ever growing list of international media and print publications which includes Sports Illustrated, Men’s Health, Popular Science and Runner’s World.

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Kerri Walsh – USA

Kinesio Taping - Kerri Walsh Kinesio Taping - Kerri Walsh Kerri Walsh and her partner, Misty May, were once again the queens of the sand. They were a force to be reckoned with at the Games in Beijing, and walked away with their second consecutive gold medal. Walsh first made an Olympic appearance in Sydney, but for the indoor volleyball team, which finished fourth. Four years later she found her match with May, and the duo has been nearly perfect ever since.

Congratulations to Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor for winning their second consecutive gold medal in women’s beach volleyball for the first time in the sport’s history.

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Germaine Mason – UK

Kinesio Taping - Germaine Mason Competed in the high jump final and finished with a silver medal standing.

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Hrisopiyi Devetzi – Greece

Kinesio Taping - Hrisopiyi Devetzi Kinesio Taping - Hrisopiyi Devetzi Competed in the triple jump final, and received a bronze for her efforts. She also made it to the long jump qualifying round, but did not make it to the finals in this event.

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Paulo Villar – Colombia

Kinesio Taping - Paulo Villar Kinesio Taping - Paulo Villar Competed in the 110m hurdles semifinal, but unfortunately did not medal.

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Wallace Spearmon – USA

Kinesio Taping - Wallace Spearmon The Games at Beijing were Spearmon’s first Olympic team, and his margin between making it or not making it to the games came down to nine hundredths of a second! He competed in the 200m, but did not medal.

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Bridgitte Foster-Hylton – Jamaica

Kinesio Taping - Bridgitte Foster-Hylton Qualified for the 100m hurdles, but unfortunately did not walk away with a medal.

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Alex Mumbru – Spain

Kinesio Taping - Alex Mumbru Men’s Basketball was full of excitement at the Games in Beijing. Spain made it all the way to the finals where they competed against Team USA. In the end, Spain was not victorious but the game was won by the smallest margin in the entire tournament.

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Nikola Janovic – Montenegro

Kinesio Taping - Nikola Janovic The Montenegro Water Polo team competed in the preliminary’s, but unfortunately did not medal while in Beijing.

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Rafael Nadal – Spain

Kinesio Taping - Rafael Nadal - Fernando Gonzalez Entered the Games in Beijing ranked number two in the world and competed in both men’s singles and doubles. He played well throughout the games and took home a gold medal in men’s singles to prove it.

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Wheelchair Basketball Contestants – South Africa & Great Britain

Kinesio Taping - Wheelchair Basketball Contestants Kinesio Taping - Wheelchair Basketball Contestants Kinesio® even had a presence at the Beijing paralympics. Both the South African team and the Great Britain team were seen wearing Kinesio® Tex Tape for added support.

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Josefa Idem – Italy

Kinesio Taping - Josefa Idem As a six-time Olympic medalist, Josefa Idem returned to the water in her seventh consecutive Games in Beijing. She is considered one of the world’s top ten female kayak paddlers, and has been for the past two decades. She competed in the K-1 500 meter, but unfortunately did not medal while in Beijing.

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Women’s Field Hockey – China

Kinesio Taping - Women's Field Hockey Kinesio Taping - Women's Field Hockey Kinesio Taping - Women's Field Hockey The host nation of China had quite a successful run on the field. The women’s field hockey team was seen sporting some very familiar looking tape … maybe it gave them the edge they needed to walk away with the silver medal.

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CNBC Interview

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